One of the best cats that i've ever seen put it up, In regards to the game of basketball was Joe Ham(Joe Hammod from Uptown/Harlem), There was nothing that Joe Hammond could not do on a basketball court(Regardless if Joe Hammond was playing at the Rucker, The Eastern League in Harrisburg,Pennsylvania, IS8 Pro-Summer league in Jamaica,Queens,Tillary Park in

Brooklyn,Etc), Joe Hammond builds about the time the Los Angeles Lakers arranged a team Practice in New York in 1972(At Pace College by the Brooklyn Bridge and Park Row,

Downtown,Manhattan), Wilt Chamberlain set-up the practice, Wilt Chamberlain and Joe Hammond go way back to the late 60's, When, Wilt Chamberlain and Joe Hammond played against one-another at The Rucker, During the late 60's/early 70's, Howie Evans(New York Parks director and Rucker Park Co-Director, During the 60's/70's), Also builds about the work

That, Joe Hammond put in against the Los Angeles Lakers, During that practice in 1972(Howie Evans stated that Joe Hammond demolished Jerry West,Gail Goodrich,Pat Riley,Etc, The whole Los Angeles Lakers backcourt/LOL), Cats like Julius Erving,Connie Hawkins,Willis Reed,Tiny Archibald, Kareem Jabbar,Earl Monroe,Lou Carnessca(Former Head coach at St.John's University during the 60's to early 90's),Al McGuire/Rip, Dick Vitale,Hubie Brown,Larry Brown,Lenny Wilkens,Charlie Scott,Von Harper(WBLS radio Dj from the 70's,80's),Etc, All have the utmost of respect for Joe Hammond, From floor to ceiling/LOL,

Joe Hammond is one of the very few cats that i've ever seen play, Who could get 60, Without going nut(Taking mad shots/LOL), On the low, the Los Angeles Lakers offered Joe Hammond a contract for 50'Gs(Right after the tryout at Pace college in 1972/LOL), Bill Sharman(Who was the Head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers in 1972, Got intouch with

Jack kent Cooke(Owner of the Los Angeles Lakers), And Offered Joe Hammond a contract for 50G's, But, Joe Hammond stated to Bill Sharman, That, He had more money in his pocket, Than, The Los Angeles Lakers were offering him/LOL, Also, Lou Carnessca tried to sign Joe Hammond to play for the New York Nets in the ABA, During the late 60's, But, Joe Hammond declined the offer to play for the New York Nets, Because, Joe Hammond was well-known for G'ing it up like that on the streets/LOL).
Much Respect
Mike Barnes