The best cat that i've ever seen, From the city of Baltimore,Maryland, Was Skip Wise, During the mid 70's(Carmello Anthoney, Is the second best cat from Baltimore that i've ever seen), Skip Wise was a first team Highschool All-American at Dunbar higschool in Baltimore,Maryland(Bob Wade was the former Head coach at Dunbar Highschool, During the late 60's to mid 80's),

The 1974 MCDonalds Highschool All-American, First Team, Featured:Moses Malone,Phil Ford(North Carolina),Butch Lee(Marquette),Bill Cartwright(San Francisco), Skip Wise was voted the ACC Freshman of the year in 1974(Phil Ford was voted the ACC Tournament MVP in 1974),Skip Wise was a 3rd team All-American in 1974 at Clemson University as a Freshman(Which was un-

heard of during the 70's), Skip Wise, Bugged and went pro After his Freshman year in 1974, Which resulted into Skip Wise playing in the ABA with the Baltimore Claws in 1975, The Baltimore Claws fold early into the 1975 season,

Which, Resulted into Skip Wise, Signing a contract to play for the Golden State Warriors in 1975, But, Skip Wise, Had a very bad drug Problem during the 70's(Tates Locke, Former Head coach at Clemson University knew of Skip Wise's drug Problem in 1974, But, Tates Locke, Copped a plea, In regards to

Getting Skip Wise help to overcome his drug addiction while at Clemson in 1974/75, Skip Wise's story is mad tragic, Along with being a prime example for anyone who feels that their nice enough to go pro early, Without the discipline in life, To progress.
Much Respect
Mike Barnes

Wise was a sensation as a high school player at Dunbar High School in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1973 Wise led Dunbar to a victory over DeMatha High School, led by future NBA star Adrian Dantley.

Wise then played at Clemson University and was the first freshman to win first team all-conference honors in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Wise left Clemson after his freshman year, signing with the Baltimore Claws of the American Basketball Association. However, drug use impaired his play, and the Claws folded during preseason exhibition games. Wise then signed with the Golden State Warriors but was cut, with his drug use as a major reason.

During the 1975-76 season Wise played briefly for the San Antonio Spurs.

Wise eventually served prison time for drug-related crimes.